New Hope Lutheran Congregation with worship sites at Blanchardville and Hollandale  is a caring community, rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision: We invite ALL people to join our community of Christ as we grow in faith, serve and Worship God.

Our Mission: Serving God by sharing, teaching and connecting people to God with Jesus in our hearts.

Come join in worship and serve the Lord with us!

Date Blanchardville Hollandale
Mar 03 08:30 10:30
Mar 10 08:30 10:30
Mar 17 08:30 10:30
Mar 24 08:30 10:30
Mar 31 08:30 10:30
Apr 07 08:30 10:30

Church Office:  305 Madison Street, Blanchardville, Wisconsin 53516
Mailing Address:  PO Box 138
Office Hours:  T, W, Th, F  9 a.m-12 noon
Phone:  (608) 523-4239 or (608) 523-4249Email:
E-mail:  (office)  (Pastor)

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